Applying for the BC Home Partnership Program into 5 EASY STEPS!

BC Home Partnership

5 Steps to Your Application


  1. Get a pre-approval from your mortgage broker.
  2. Apply to the Program and receive confirmation of eligibility.

The BC Home Partnership applications takes about 15 minutes to complete and about 5 business days for confirmation. Supporting documentation is as follows.

Provide one of: Canadian Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident Card (must have PR for at least 5 years), or Canadian Birth Certificate.

Also one piece of Government ID, proof of income by way of Notice of Assessment and the pre-approval from your mortgage broker.

  1. Find your home – make an offer “Subject to Financing”.
  2. Apply back to the program and lender with your accepted offer. This should only take at the most 2-3 days.
  3. Upon funding, the lawyer/notary will register the loan as a second mortgage.



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